Welcome to the North Shore Great Banquet!

We are a New England community of believers who spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We host 3-day events where guests explore their faith and a personal relationship with Jesus. We shut out the noise and distractions of the world to experience the love of God more deeply. The events of the weekend enhance the core of our life providing personal growth and renewal.

A Great Banquet weekend is a banquet of many courses, beyond what you typically experience at a retreat. We invite you to be the guest at the Great Banquet given by God, and to feast in his goodness and love.

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North Shore Great Banquet – Spring 2020

Men’s Weekend – March 19 7PM – March 22 7PM

Women’s Weekend – March 26 7PM – March 29 7PM – Registration and wait list are full.

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For me the Great Banquet was a pressure wash for the soul, a scrubbing that was at times painful, other times humbling, but ultimately joyous and gratifying. It removed so much of the spackle and tar that I hadn’t even realized had stuck to me, the debris of the world.

Andrew P.

September 2018, NSGB #1

I was invited to the Great Banquet and immediately felt the call to go. I didn’t exactly know what I was attending, but I knew that I must. Having experienced the weekend, I now have a whole new sense of the meaning of the word grace. I no longer worry so much about time, but what I do with it. I long for His grace to flow to all those I encounter.

Come overdose on the grace of our precious Lord and Savior. Your rewards will be matchless!

Ed P.

September 2018, NSGB #1