For me the Great Banquet was a pressure wash for the soul, a scrubbing that was at times painful, other times humbling, but ultimately joyous and gratifying. It removed so much of the spackle and tar that I hadn’t even realized had stuck to me, the debris of the world.

Andrew P.

September 2018, NSGB #1

I was invited to the Great Banquet and immediately felt the call to go. I didn’t exactly know what I was attending, but I knew that I must. Having experienced the weekend, I now have a whole new sense of the meaning of the word grace. I no longer worry so much about time, but what I do with it. I long for His grace to flow to all those I encounter.

Come overdose on the grace of our precious Lord and Savior. Your rewards will be matchless!

Ed P.

September 2018, NSGB #1